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TJS’s Legal Document Services, LLC are paralegals who offers virtual legal document preparation for self-represented individual and pro se litigants in the Tri-County Area (Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties).

Our services are strictly remotely and can be access from anywhere. Because of our everyday fast-paced lifestyle, and with technology today. We can service you remotely without taking time out of your day to meeting face to face. Our world has become more of an increasingly mobile world, so that clients can request service from the convenience of their own home, or office – in their own time – via email, phone, and internet.

We will provide you with an interview form that will help us gear to your personal needs. In doing this, we will discuss with you about the services that we offer and how we can assist you with your goal. Keep in mind we are not Lawyers; we do not provide legal advice and will not represent you in court.

With respect to our clients, everything is completely confidential.

TJ's Legal Document Services, LLC will also ease the burden for Attorneys who do not have the time to e-file/eservice their own pleadings. We are here to assist. Please contact us for assistance.

We additionally offer mobile Florida Notary service for mass administrations.



Many of us don’t have any idea how to prepare a living will. TJ’s Legal document services has the forms to assist. 

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Income Tax Preparation

Navigating the tax laws can be tricky.  Every year millions of dollars in tax refunds go unclaimed because people are unaware of the various credits available to them.

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Simple divorces

This type of divorce may be easily handled without the help of a lawyer. TJ’s Legal Document Services can assist with filling out your forms and filing with the courts. 

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Child Separation Agreement /Custody & Support

TJ'S Legal Document Services have all the forms you will need to process and secure your family’s adoption.

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TJ’s Legal Document Services, LLC is here to assist with bringing your Business and Dreams to life.

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Early Termination & Modification of Probation

Probation, sometimes called “community supervision,” requires persons released from prison to adhere to certain rules that restrict their lives. 

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Relative Adoption

Learn more about Relative Adoption and how we can help.

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Name Change

The most challenging part of self-representation for uncontested basic matters is knowing which forms to fill out and how to file them.

Expunging and Sealing Criminal Records

Expunging & Sealing Criminal Records

Florida law allows for some individuals to seal and or expunge their criminal records. 

Filing of Court Documents (Florida E-filing Portal)

Filing of Court Documents (Florida E-filing Portal)

We are here to assist Attorneys who maybe overwhelmed with many other things and do not have the time to file their own documents.

Florida Notary

Florida Notary

TJ’s Legal Documents services provide a mobile Notary service, where we will come to you for bulk notary services.