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TJ’s Legal Documents Services, LLC was created by a single mother of three, whose passion has always been to assist others in filling out legal documents. For over 15 years, she has worked with prestigious attorneys throughout her career as a paralegal. During that time, she has seen and drafted various types of legal documents during her career.

She began this service so that individuals could who help themselves and not be burden by vigorous attorney fees.

Whether you are filing for divorce, adopting a family member, creating a will for your family or navigating your way through the criminal justice system, we are here to help.

We here at TJ's Legal Document Services, LLC are passionate about supporting self-represented individuals, pro se litigants and business entities with filing out and filing their forms/documents. For many self-represented individuals, the cost of legal fees and the thought of how to proceed on your own seems out of reach. Our team at TJ's Legal Document Services are here to help assist with your forms. Please keep in mind, that we are not lawyers and do not provide any legal advice. At no time will we be able to represent you in court. However, we will take the time to discuss your filing options and will walk you through the entire process. For more complex cases, we will refer self-represented individuals to an attorney for specialized legal counsel. Some of those recourses can be found on our Resources page.

We believe that everyone deserves to have professional and error-free documents to present to the courts. Our team is here to assist at very affordable rates.


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